DIY Heart Applique T-Shirt

For me, the year seems to revolve around events or holidays. Be it a federal holiday, a marathon, a big entertainment event like a concert or a sporting event (like the Superbowl), we are planning from one event to the next. Now that the Superbowl is over, Valentine’s Day steps up to the plate. While last year I decorated a Valentine mantel, I’m keeping this year low-key. However, I do have a couple of fun Valentine-y projects to share (some old some new)!

Over the weekend I made a heart applique t-shirt for Lily. It was a practice project to test out the Silhouette I got for Christmas and to practice some sewing tips I picked up in a sewing class I took in January.

heart applique tshirt Materials

  • T-shirt (from Target)
  • Scrap piece of fabric,
  • Peel and Stick fabric fuse
  • Thread and sewing machine (optional)
  • Scissors (I replaced scissors with the Silhouette)


Because I was using the Silhouette to cut my fabric, I cut the heart shaped fabric first. If you are cutting your fabric by hand, you may want to stick the fabric to the fabric fuse first so you can cut once.

Peel and Stick Heart Applique The fabric fuse is sticky on both sides. So once you stick your fabric to it, you then peel the backong off so you can stick it to your shirt.   Peel n Stick to Fabric

Center your heart and apply it to your t-shirt. Apply Heart to Shirt

I decided to top stitch a border around the heart which is optional.

The shirt I purchased seems to swallow Lily but paired with jeggings and her red boots it’s not to bad. Lily blows me a kiss as I take her picture – something I hope she never outgrows because it’s the sweetest!

DIY valentine shirt

Keeping with the heart theme, here are a couple of other heart related crafts… 2013-02-005

 A newspaper heart ornamentHeart Punch Wreath, a quick and easy decor idea with conversation hearts

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