What I Wore – Rainy Day

It’s been a little rainy lately which gave me a chance to break out the rain boots!! I received a pair of Hunter rain boots from my in-laws and I have been waiting for the right occasion to wear them.


What I Wore on a  Rainy Day. I ended up adding a top layer because it was a little chilly (and to cover my hips and booty). I love the green cords. They are stretchy and add a little warmth.

Striped Yellow T-shirt: Anthropology (on clearance – no longer available)

Chambray Top: J.Crew Factory

Pants: Green Cords from Old Navy

Boots: Hunter Original Rain Boots

Necklace: Banana Republic Factory

DSC_0438-003 Later that day Walt ran an 8K and Lily had a half mile fun run.  DSC_0217 Don’t let the singlet (tank) and short shorts fool you. It was 40 something degrees. Walt ran the 8K in 28 minutes and some change. The funny thing is he looks like he is working harder running with Lily than in his own races. zaz I had a tough time getting a good picture of Lily running. I had Townes strapped in the Baby Bjorn and he kept grabbing the camera strap (just like he keeps grabbing my arm as I try to type this post) :) DSC_0242 Lily loves to run and her daddy loves that she loves to run so we may have a couple of runners in the family.

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    I love these photos. Such a nice family together activity. Parker will be out there soon. I missed Jacob…way to go Walt!! Thanks for sharing..hugs…Sue

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