Eleven Paint Coats Later

I thought I’d tackle a little painting project. Eleven coats of paint later, I’m finally done.

We have a chalkboard wall in Jacob’s room which Lily likes to use; however, Jacob doesn’t always want her in there. I love chalkboards and wouldn’t mind having another one but Walt wasn’t crazy about the idea (he is always thinking about “what if we want to sell the house”). So, I found a small wall that wasn’t highly visible that would be a good compromise! The wall is slightly off the kitchen on the path to the laundry room. It’s on the other side of the stove so I thought it would be a great place for the kids to draw and play while I’m cooking dinner. It would keep them within eye sight but out of the way of the stove. Win-win! Small kitchen wall before

This time I thought I’d try something a little different. I decided to apply a couple of undercoats of magnetic paint. Our refrigerator is not magnetic and I wanted a place for magnetic alphabet letters. I painted 3 coats of magnetic paint and then 2 coats of chalkboard. magnetic painting in progress I loved the look but most of the magnets weren’t sticking which was a huge disappointment! After a quick internet search, I read that several others experienced the same problem so I just assumed that was how it was going to be. Interestingly my husband’s co-worker also painted a magnetic wall that weekend and had a different experience – no fair! After a week of contemplating, I decided to do it all over – argh!

Take 2 – The secret to making magnetic paint work

This time I had Lowes mix the magnetic paint in the spinner – wow what a difference that made in the consistency! The color was a slate gray instead of the black you see in the photo above and it wasn’t nearly as thick and gloppy this time. It was still a little messy so I’d recommend covering the surrounding area well, wear old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on (and gloves) and using a smooth roller to minimize the splatter.


{Townes was up so I had to paint fast. Thankfully he was entertained in his walker for a quick coat of paint.}

This time I applied 4 coats of magnetic paint versus the 3 coats recommended on the directions. A fifth coat is even better if you have the time and patience – I didn’t because it was late, I was now up to 9 coats of paint and I had 2 more coats of chalkboard paint to apply.


While it was time consuming and messy (and stinky), I am thrilled with the results! I absolutely love the magnetic chalkboard wall!! I love how it personalizes the space. Grocery Letters for Chalkboard Wall It provides the kids a place to draw and play and gives me a place to showcase their work.. DSC_0579-001 (Lily loves to draw “airplanes” in pink chalk and she plays with the magnets while my husband and I are prepping a meal or doing dishes.) The Bekvam Ikea step stool  is primarily to help Lily reach the sink to wash her hands but it doubles as a seat for her here too. The Bygel rod and containers hold chalk, erasers and magnetic alphabet letters. The Leap Frog Phonics doghouse and the “GROCERY” letters were too heavy for the magnetic hold so I used 3M strips to keep them in place. DSC_0571-001 I have found that my husband and son are more inclined to list our grocery needs on the chalkboard than anything else I’ve tried! Grocery Letters for Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Grocery List The wooden letters from Michaels are letters I either painted or decoupaged with scrapbook paper (except the second R which is just drawn on the wall). Menu Cork Board

I use the cork board menu to manage our weeknight meals. For recipes we enjoy, I’ll print and paste them to a notecard. I pull 4-5 out for the week and pin them to the menu board so either my husband or I can reference them to cook dinner. What you may not realize is the menu cork board has a dual purpose. It is a pin board for that week’s menu items but it is also covering a electrical panel eyesore. Hiding the Electrical Panel

While the magnetic chalkboard wall may seem cluttered, it suits our young and hectic household well!! I love that it gets the whole family engaged! The dark color also makes the wall feel a little taller so surprisingly the space does not feel cramped at all.

Stay tuned for a quick tutorial on how to DIY the fabric covered menu cork board.

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  1. Melissa Lopez says:

    this is really, really, really super cool – i LOVE it!!!!!!!!! i think it increases the value of the house! what a GREAT idea – i would have loved this as a kid!!!!!!!

  2. Cat says:

    It looks FABULOUS! I especially love the menu board! I’d love to find a place in my kitchen to put one of these. I currently have a small notebook I keep on the counter to do my weekly planning, but would love to just throw up the cards on a board. Great idea!

  3. Jane says:

    LOVE THIS! You did a great job. The photos are great too. I can’t wait to be invited over to see all of your DIY in person. Haha.

  4. Sue Deege says:

    Kudos to you and your PATIENCE!! Great job. thanks for sharing the photo of Parker Townes…he is adorable. Did I see some dark hair coming in up front? Once again…When Do You Sleep???

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