Family – 8 months and counting

Townes turned eight months on Wednesday! Where does the time go? He is getting too big for his britches {literally and figuratively}. He’s been under the weather so we had a doctor visit this week and he is almost 20 pounds, doubling his birth weight. I’m behind logging his milestones so I’m playing catch up {again}. I’ve made notes of milestones on my iPhone baby app but it just hasn’t made it to the blog. {Poor third child and thank goodness for ibabylog}

Since he just turned 8 months, this recap is more about his 7 month milestones.


{Townes turns 7 months}

Shortly before Townes turned 7 months, he started banging objects together. By the time he turned 7 months, he had two bottom teeth and started doing the army crawl. At 7 1/2 months he was pulling up from a sitting position. And just last weekend he was crying at naptime, I walked in to find him standing (from a lying down position). IMG_3191

IMG_3203 Now he is walking holding on to furniture and I’ve caught him trying to take a couple of steps to bridge the gap between the ottoman and the sofa – WHAT?? Why does my baby insist on being a big boy?? It is all going by so fast! This week when we said bye to him at daycare, he studied his hand and tried his best to make it wave – precious!!

He definitely has us wrapped! Walt was under his crib searching for his pacifier and Townes crawled to that side of his crib, reached his arm through the crib slats and dropped his pacifier. I guess you could say he was helping his father out (or maybe pulling on over on us already) :)

The little guy is also trying some table foods and FINALLY sleeping 8 – 9 hours through the night!!

A few other family pics…

IMG_3054 We’ve had some whacky weather here in Charlotte. It snowed a few weeks ago on Saturday and was gone by Sunday.


Then the week was rainy.

Followed by a nice and sunny weekend. {Townes’ first swing ride}

One day it’s in the 30s and we are in coats with gloves and the next it’s in the 60s and we are in shorts.

This weekend was another race weekend for Jacob and Walt. As many of you know, Walt is training for the Boston marathon. The race is about 5 weeks away. As part of his training, he had a half marathon this weekend to gauge his progress and he rocked it! He came in 6th overall and achieved his goal of 1 hour and 19 minutes (about a 6 minute 3 second mile for 13.1 miles – crazy right?!?!)!! IMG_1909

With the beautiful weather we were outside quite a bit so I was finally able to snap a photo of our family dog, Layla, with her best bud.


Lastly, I’m also excited to have a small blurb in a local magazine!! I was featured in Charlotte Parent’s March issue “Get Real” column!!

It’s been busy but fun! Thanks for sharing in our journey.

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Congrats to you celebrity..featured in a magagine!! Thank you so much for the photos. He is so adorable and I guess decided he would just grow up fast to help out his Mom and Dad since they were so busy. Cannot wait to see what happens when he walks. Yeah….a photo of Layla. That is a great picture of Jacob with her. Best Buds!! Lily should be a model. She has the look you know!! Thanks for sharing…hugs…Sue

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