Baby Boy’s Nursery Before

A few weeks ago, I shared Lily’s toddler room (which was recently featured on Apartment Therapy!). I love that Lily’s room is organized and has evolved to suit her spirited and playful personality. I wish I could say the same for Townes’ room. Sadly his room has been somewhat neglected.  In our defense, he spent his first 6 months in a sleeper in our room but his room is now being fully utilized so I need to get on it!

Playroom Before the Nursery Playroom1

Aside from moving a few pieces around to accommodate his crib and a chair (and excess hand-me-down furniture from Jacob’s room), it is still very much the same old playroom.

Nursery Before Pictures

PT Room In Progress It still has the playroom color scheme, which I’m debating on whether or not to keep, and the same handprint canvas art which doesn’t even include his. DSC_0840

I’ve committed to giving him his own room by the time he turns 1. I have 3 ½ months to get it done. My target is to have a design board by the end of the month. DSC_0842

{Photos from Nov. 2012 when Townes was 4 months old}

Decisions to make:

  • Do we keep the current furniture?
    • If yes, is the current furniture configuration working?
  • Do we keep the primary color scheme?
  • Decide on theme

Items on my list to incorporate into the plan

  • Add curtains (the temporary paper shade HAS TO GO!)
  • Incorporate a diaper changing area
  • Switch the existing chair for a rocker (every nursery needs a rocker)

The room is 10×14. What are your thoughts on the theme or layout? I’d love to hear your suggestions!!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    I like your suggestions….shade has to GO and definitely need a rocking chair. Diaper change area would be nice if possible. Add more bright colors and perhaps some large animal murals on the wall and ceiling or stars, moon, sun!! Guess I am getting carried away. Good luck…anxious to see what you decide…hugs…Sue p.s. stay warm

  2. Patsy Herman says:

    dear Angela, I love your designs and updates to your home. I believe you would be a highly successful interior decorator! After reading all your decorating ideas, I must make muself a checklist and rest my brain before I could offer up any suggestions. You certainly know how to make the most of every inch of space. Well no surprise in regards to your talents as you can pull together huge tasks at work with your checklist inside your head. Simply amazing. sincerely, patsy

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