Being a Mom

To be honest, I’m a little uncomfortable with Mother’s Day. It brings mixed emotions for many and isolates others. There are women who embrace their mothers and others who miss theirs. There are women filled with love that hug and kiss their children and others that yearn for the opportunity to do so one day.

Personally, I don’t think we should need a designated day to celebrate our loved ones. It should be something we strive to do often. That said I’ll accept a gift from my husband and I’ll certainly cherish the gifts the children make! For us, our children are growing so quickly. It seems each one is passing through the stages of life faster than the one before. So we spent this past weekend just enjoying each other. I made mental notes of the things that I love about where each child is in life.

I’ll start with the Baby T . The little guy celebrated 10 months.

What I love about an infant… DSC_0013-001

  • the sparkle in a baby eyes
  • cubby little fingers and cute little toes DSC_0011-001
  • the comfort he finds in our arms
  • the sweet little cuddles
  • the trust we are building as he holds on tight
  • how he finds ways to try to communicate with us DSC_1026-002
  • the excitement of learning something new DSC_1035


What I love about a two year old…

  • the innocent smiles and inquisitive mind (why, why, why, why)
  • her developing sense of self  DSC_0005
  • her sweet voice when she sings songs (with what she thinks are the words) DSC_0987
  • her determination and independence DSC_0989-001



  • her unique sense of humor
  • that I’m still at the center of her universe  DSC_1059

What I love about the 11 year old…

  • he has a tender heart
  • he is formulating his own opinions
  • his wonderful sense of humor



  • he is a great big brother
  • he doesn’t take himself too seriously
  • he keeps me informed of what’s “cool”
  • he can help with chores :) DSC_1053  Kids telling secrets and making faces… DSC_1056



Being a parent is not always easy (or fun). We don’t always have the right answer (we get a lot wrong). But I am forever greatful to have these little ones in my life. I learn from them daily. They teach me what is important in life and not to sweat the small stuff. They provide me such a different perspective as I see the world through their eyes. They bring such joy and happiness that I only hope to give them a fraction of what they give me. IMG_3413[1]

Thinking of all of you and your loved ones! I hope you have a happy day!

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