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We spent most of the weekend at the baseball field wrapping up the baseball season. I’m hoping that means I’ll have a little more time for weekend projects! I’ve been getting an itch to make some changes. I still need to redo Townes room but I’m waiting until after my family visits in July. I want to keep the daybed in there until then.

So what’s hot on my list? The guest / kids bathroom. It’s not bad but it’s been almost 3 years since it’s seen a big change so it’s ready for a refresh. I don’t think I’ll go crazy with changes but before I even go down that path I thought it would be appropriate to share current pictures.

Lily welcomes you to our current guest bath also known as our kids bathroom…

During our 2010 renovations we lost the exterior window so we changed the paint color in an effort to brighten the bathroom. I’m trying to find something to works with the current color because I have no desire to repaint it right now.

The wainscoting is definitely a keeper. I like it so much I’m considering adding it to our entry way too.


The little bathroom cabinet stores bath toys, guest bath products and baby washcloths. On top are the baby soaps I use daily. Our house didn’t have toilet paper holders so we added this one from Ikea.


The shower curtain is from Target online. I’m now looking for something simple and sophisticated. I’m actually looking at a couple of curtain panels as options.


Before our renovations the bathroom had a window. We had to enclose the window when we added the two new bedrooms. I miss the natural lighting the window provided. For now the antique window will have to suffice. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it (add a wreath, place pictures or art in the window panes).

DSC_0980 DSC_0984

I have mixed emotions about the glass shelves. They are way to deep for display purposes so half the shelf goes unused. I’ve considered adding shutters and making it a linen closet so we can get value out of every square inch. I’d love any suggestions for this cute but inconvenient spot.








This goes to show how behind I am on updates. I only have two hooks but three kids use this room. I end up hanging Lily’s towel under Jacob’s.

I also bought a couple of inexpensive house numbers at the antique mall here in Charlotte. I plan to spray paint them and use them to identify a spot for each child to hang their towel. I still need to find an interesting #1.

DSC_1005 DSC_1013

There is a spot between the toilet and the wall where I keep a few magazines and spare toilet paper rolls.


I found this picture on Zulily and bought it because it matched the colors of the shower curtain. I’ve had it for well over a year and it has yet to be hung on the wall.


Yes, I have a coordinating shower curtain and rug (and toothbrush holder for that matter). I obviously liked the pattern but I’m over the matchy matchy look.


Thanks for visiting! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Have you tried a curtain panel for a shower curtain?

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