Curious George First Birthday Party

Our little guy, Townes, celebrated his 1st birthday a couple of weekends ago. Given our other two children are also celebrating birthdays and we are vacationing in July, we decided to keep his party small with just a few family and friends.

My two (now three) year old suggested the Curious George theme and it seemed perfect for our little monkey that is curious and climbs everything. I created a Curious George mood board with birthday party ideas a few weeks ago and it was fun seeing it all come into play. As always, I made several changes along the way but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I kept the decorations simple for his party. I used red, yellow, light blue and light green colors so it would have been really easy to reuse the decorations from Lily’s Sesame Street party but I wanted a few fresh items just for him.

Curious George Party Decorations

The one item I reused was the balloon wreath.  I couldn’t resist. It was cute and fit the color scheme.  birthday balloon wreath

Curious George Centerpiece
One of my favorite items was the vintage looking Curious George Jack in the Box. It was my priciest item at $24.99, however, it also doubled as a birthday gift.  Townes laughs out loud when Curious George pops out of the box so I think that justifies the expense!


I made a few paper pinwheels that I used in the centerpiece decorations. They were a cute and fun addition.

I also added a Curious George stuffed animal because it just seemed necessary :) DSC_0445


I like to include photos of the guest of honor as a center attraction so this party was no different. I had a sepia tone infant photo to show how much my little munchkin has grown. The photo frame was $0.99 from Ikea!


But I didn’t stop with just one photo. Babies grow and change so much during the first year so I wanted to celebrate the monthly milestones! This would have been a great time to display all my monthly photos with the blocks I made but unfortunately, I wasn’t as diligent about taking monthly photos with the blocks beyond month 6. I used foam board to make the #1 because I had it on hand but poster board would have been a much better and lighter option. To avoid trimming the photos too much I cut a number one to fit 4×6 photos (i.e. the center is 6 inches wide and the base is 4 inches high).

We also kept the menu simple. Because the party was from 3-5 we decided against serving a full meal and opted for appetizers and a banana split bar.

Banana Split Bar

ice cream bar

I put the ice cream on ice in a metal cold drink tin. It just happened to be that our local grocery store had ice cream on sale buy 2 get 3 free so I stocked up on vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cookie dough (which was the favorite).

I used tulip ice cream bowls and parlor ice cream dishes from Crate and Barrell to hold the toppings. We served pecans, cherries, sprinklers, fresh strawberries and crushed oreos. I served the chocolate sauce from a creamer pitcher but since I only had one, I served the strawberry sauce in a ice cream cup and the caramel sauce from a squeeze bottle (ugh – I know).

banana split boat

I found these inexpensive banana split boats online. (No, it’s not Lily’s birthday but she is going to get as much wear out of her new birthday shirt as possible!)

Curious George Cake
I’m not one to spend a lot of money on cakes. I’d prefer to make my own but we had family in town so I knew it would be challenging so we went the easy route and bought a cake from the local grocery store. I got the candle and Curious George figurine from Party City. I saw the balloon idea on Pinterest so we blew up water balloons and knotted them to skewers.  We couldn’t get the balloons to stand up straight and I probably could have cut the skewers a little shorter – maybe next time. Curious George Birthday Cake

one year birthday cake
Townes Birthday Cake  
First cupcake
first birthday cake

This is good – want some?


You can’t have your first birthday cake (or cupcake) without getting it in your hair – right?



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