Summer Vacation 2013

Test, test, is this thing on? Is anyone out there? I know it’s been a while… remember me?

Hi, I’m Angela, the owner of this little blog where I love to share a balance of family, food, fashion and fun (decorating and crafting). However, I’ve been so slammed at work with travel and what not that I haven’t had time for any of the above lately. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. Thanks for those that reached out and checked in. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness! I have some catching up to do so let’s get started!!

Mid-July, we had a wonderful, luxurious and relaxing vacation in Siesta Key, Florida. I wanted to capture and share our memories before it becomes a distant memory or we get too caught up in our back to school routine.

Where We Traveled – Siesta Key

We had friends vacation in Clearwater which inspired us to look at that area. That is when we discovered Siesta Key. It appeared to have everything we were looking for – clear and calm waters, oceanfront hotels with access to semi-private beaches and plenty of restaurants within walking distance. We were sold! The kicker was it was 10-11 hours away so we decided to break up the trip and stay in Jacksonville, FL on the way down and back. That gave me a chance to also catch up with a couple of dear friends!

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Hyatt Residence Club in Siesta Key. Hyatt-Siesta-Key-Beach-Hotel-Exterior


We were spoiled by the luxurious amenities. We were fortunate because the days we were traveling were half the price of most days there. In fact we ended our stay on a Thursday. Had we stayed until Friday it would have almost doubled our price. DSC_0798

Our view {not our hotel}

We splurged on our lodging because we find it’s better if we have multiple rooms with the little ones around. Otherwise, we have to hide in the bathroom just to get Townes to sleep or turn in early to not disturb Jacob and Lily. We also wanted to be able to walk out to the beach without carrying a ton of stuff and they offer beach chairs, umbrellas, kayaking and paddle boarding for no additional cost.

We opted for a 2 bedroom 3 bath residence (available for purchase) which made the kids’ bed times a breeze and gave us the opportunity to stay up and enjoy each other’s company.

OUr bedroom

Our room


Kids Room

The irony is we were wiped out most evenings so we didn’t stay up to late but it was great to have the option!

The hotel was bigger than our house! The open living room/dining room plan gave the kids plenty of room to spread out and play.  The bedrooms were on opposite sides of the residence so our baby monitors came in handy. At one point I lost Townes. He was just underneath me and then he wasn’t. I checked everywhere calling out for him only to find he crawled into the coffee table just a few feet away.



Walt’s favorite part of our lodge was the coffee and espresso station. He probably made 5 espressos a day!


I enjoyed the spacious bathroom especially since I almost always had a toddler or two in there with me. #noprivacyformom

Here are a few photos from our week there. (Some of which you may have seen on my Instagram feed)

Our forever long car ride.

Lily having just had her birthday party the day before was all decked out in her new gear!

We stayed the night in Jacksonville and arrived in Siesta Key mid-day the next day. The kids couldn’t wait to get out and stick their toes in the  sand.


‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about. This isn’t so  hard’. Townes on Jacob’s skim board.

Day 2 at the beach (day 3 of vacation)


The tattoos are courtesy the restaurant we ate at the night before.


Day 3 at the beach

DSC_0836 DSC_0841 DSC_0852 DSC_0877 DSC_0883 DSC_0903


T had to go to the urgent care. He had croup but I wanted to make sure that was all it was. He was all good after the brief doctor visit. That evening we ventured into Siesta Key (we were staying on the outskirts) for dinner and a walk on the beach before bed. While I didn’t get any photos of the downtown area, it was so cute! There had a great selection of restaurants and shops. Unfortunately Townes is at an age where he won’t sit still for more than 10 minutes so it makes shopping and eating out a challenge. I hope we can return to explore more of what the island had to offer.

Day 4

DSC_0963 ,,,,,,/? DSC_0958 DSC_0954 DSC_0951 DSC_0946
Walt and Lily went kayaking (they were too far for my camera phone). Then Jacob kayaked on his own. We had to reign him in because he was floating away to China. He didn’t realize what tough work it would be and his arms were too tired to row him in.

We had daily rain storms which worked well with nap times so it wasn’t too bad. We had an incredible time and hope to make a beach trip an annual family event!


We celebrated Lily’s actual birthday while we were there as well.

We met quite a few people at the pool. Walt and Jacob hit it off with another father and son that we ended accompanying them on a dinner cruise on Day 4. We had such a great time that we hated to part ways.

Where We Played – Day 5 (Walt’s birthday)

We also ventured out to Busch Gardens in Tampa our last day there. It was definitely a highlight of the our trip. The kids still talk about the visit a month later! They got the best of both worlds, a zoo and rides!

IMG_3835-001 IMG_3836 IMG_0399 IMG_0411 IMG_3839-001 IMG_0382-001 IMG_0435
Their favorite was the hippo (seen going up for air) we caught swimming while Walt was riding a roller coaster.  

While it was crazy leading up to and after our vacation, we are so thankful for the relaxing, family focused experience we shared. While I would absolutely love to stay at the hotel again and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that asked, I don’t think we will be doing another 11 hour drive for a while. Hope you had a wonderful summer as we celebrate Labor Day!! Did you get all the things done on your list? I came no where close and my list was small!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Hi..sorry I am late with my Post. Welcome back, I missed you!! What a beautiful place to spend a vacation. So elegant and love all of the photos. You did a great job. Hopefully you will save for memories years later when your children are grown and have their own families. Wow Mom..that is a super hand stand! Busch Gardens is such a fun place to visit. Love the giraffes. So happy to see you….slow down and spell the roses…hugs to all….Sue

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