Not All Things Are Meant to DIY

Somethings aren’t meant to do yourself. For me, it’s coloring my hair or waxing my own eyebrows.  Last time I waxed my eyebrows I accidentally let the wax drip across my upper AND lower lashes essentially hot gluing my eyelid shut. Of course I freaked out when I couldn’t open my eye and about that time my dear husband walked by and laughed hysterically. I had no idea what to do. I just assumed I would have to cut all my eyelashes off my right eye. Thankfully my more logical and somewhat calm husband did a little research and learned olive oil would soften and dilute the hardened wax. So I’m pretty much done with waxing eyebrows.

As for coloring my hair, I’ve had grey strands for over 10 years but they have started requiring more attention over the last year or so. I confess – to save money, I color my own hair but I’m not very good at it. I often color my temples, shoulder, hands and sometimes even the bathroom rug. This week I colored my hair and went to work with a pinkish purple scalp (not intentionally – of course). A sign maybe I shouldn’t be doing this on my own.

Having a third child has been a bundle of joy but with it comes challenges on finding extra time for projects. So the projects I tackle are either quick or a necessity. This one was the latter so don’t get too excited. 2013-07-28

I work in a downtown office environment where I park and walk several blocks to work. I also walk between several buildings for meetings so I can be a little hard on my heels. I found that I was needing to replace the tips so often and it was becoming costly so I decided to try to do it myself.

What You Need to Replace Heel Tips

Pliers, heel-tip replacements ($5 a pair,, and a hammer.

How to Replace a Worn Down Heel Tip:

1. First using the pliers (I started with needle nose pliers but ended up with regulars one which I would recommend), twist the current heel tip right and left to remove it.

2. Once you have removed the tip, insert the new tip into the vacant hole and hammer it gently until the rubber tip is snug against the shoe heel (not shown).

3. Make sure your tip is properly lined up. I had to tweak it a little to make sure it was straight.

Tip: You’ll want to replace the heel tip while there is still a tip in tact or at least a nail head to grab on to. Once the heel tip reduces to a nub, it will be hard to remove it.

This really took no time at all, it saved me a few bucks and a trip to the show repair store. So far the tip feels durable. Now I’ll will just have to see how long it last.


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  1. Crystal says:

    Great “tip” – pun intended :) I’ve never tried this on my own but it looks simple enough. I started coloring my hair last year b/c I was tired of paying a fortune. I’ve had a few mishaps, like dying my hair way too dark (it turned jet black). I think the key is finding the right shade and a good brand (I like Feria). And have you heard of eSalon?
    A friend tried it and said it was great. It’s an online salon-grade custom color service. I’m thinking about giving it a try.

  2. Sue Deege says:

    Ohhhh….I am so glad you are OK. That is a bit scary. Waxing eyebrows is really not that expensive….please let THEM do it!! I have more grey than you…all over in fact….and decided several years ago that it was not worth it anymore so I have a great person who colors the roots and then hi lites…so my grey will blend in and I can wait longer in between colors, cut, etc. You are not there yet and I like your dark hair.
    You know you can put on a nice looking pair of walking shoes and then put on your heels at work. I would never make it in heels anymore. No one will know the difference but you.
    I have missed your BLOG….thanks for sharing. Let us know about the children and their activities!!
    Take care of yourself…hugs…Sue

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