Anniversary Getaway Near Asheville

I little over a month ago, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary and it was fantabulous!! Having three children requires a lot of time and energy so we have to steal moments whenever possible for each other and our relationship. So for our anniversary we decided to get away. We escaped to a secluded, romantic cabin in the mountains where we had no wifi or cell signals. We had an unbelievable time relaxing and reconnecting.

On the way up we stopped at the Pisgah brewery, one of our favorite organic semi-local beers.

Then headed on up to our little cabin, Annie’s Hideaway, out in the middle of nowhere!IMG_0464 Then headed on up to our little cabin, Annie’s Hideaway, out in the middle of nowhere!IMG_0464


We were 20-30 miles away from a grocery store or restaurants so we made our dinners at the cabin, we enjoyed meals on the back deck over looking pastures with the mountains as a backdrop.

We did a little hiking and enjoyed the mountaintop view with a bottle of wine.  I can just imagine my stress levels with a couple of toddlers in tow. One if not both of us would be carrying a child up the mountain and then I’d be freaking out that Townes would go darting over the edge (the child has no fear as he dangles over the edge of our swing set clubhouse giving me a mild heart-attack each time).



Pardon the super cheesy overly enthusiastic grin.


We did a little hiking which that in itself was an adventure. On the way up the mountain Walt noticed we had about 100 miles of gas in the tank. Normally that wouldn’t cause concern but we hadn’t seen a gas station anywhere near us so that was a little concerning. The incline to our hiking spot was a bit steep so by the time we got to our destination we were down to 35 miles of gas. I was growing a little panicked. We had no idea where a diesel gas station was so there was a risk of running out of gas looking for one. I had visions of us getting stranded with no cell service on the side of the mountain with no flashlights. We decided to go ahead and hike while were were there. My phone was able to get a cell signal at the top of the mountain so Walt found a gas station and took a picture of it for us to have on the way down. (whew-right?) DSC_0874

That would have all worked out if we actually followed the directions we captured but we didn’t. Walt put it in neutrel on the way down and coasted as much as he could. We finally arrived to a gas  station and thought we were in good shape but in 2013 they re-did the diesel gas tanks to avoid consumer mistakes of putting the wrong kind of gas in the car. That sounds like a great idea but when you are in the boonies and the only vehicles that use deisel are 18 wheelers, they have sawed off gas nozzles to improve the speed of gas flow so the nozzles wouldn’t fit Walt’s tank. We tried to funnel the gas but that failed to fit as well. So I still feared we’d run out of gas looking for gas but the good news was we were at least within civilization. DSC_0876



The following pic was one a shared back in August in Instagram.

We finally got gas with just a few miles in the tank to spare so that called for a few beers in an Asheville brewery. I had a tasty, refreshing cucumber beer at the Wicked Weed before heading back to the peaceful, quiet place we had all to ourselves.

I feel blessed for this time with Walt. It was one of our best getaway trips yet! It has been a fun and crazy ride. We are still learning about each other and growing together with each new challenge or change in our lives (new jobs, renovations, additional children, new hobbies). It’s not always easy, it definitely takes dedication to not get to caught up in our daily routines and lose our focus on each other. I hope for many more years by his side! I’m so happy for this time we had together and look forward to our next getaway.

Since then, I’ve managed to whip out a project or two and we are throwing an engagement party with some friends this weekend so I hope to have a few fun posts to share soon!

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