Fall 2013 in Review

It’s been a little crazy at the Guyer household that I missed sharing about Halloween and Thanksgiving. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d get on it. I started with a November review but since it’s mid December and I have a ton of photos I’m calling it review of Fall. While my popular posts are about DIY projects and decorating, my personal favorites are of our family. I love looking back and seeing how much the kids have grown and having those “remember when” discussions with Walt.

Let’s Start with Halloween….

We planned on Lily being Tinker Bell, Townes being Peter Pan (we offered Captain Hook to Jacob but at the age of 12 he declined as expected). For several weeks Lily was sticking to Tinker Bell but when it came time to buy costumes she changed her mind and decided to be Sophia the First (a new princess that started this year and is on Disney Jr). So I held off on buying the Tinker Bell and Peter Pan costumes. Long story short we waited to see if she was going to change her mind again that by the time we got Townes’ costume they were all out of his size and he ended up with a 6 month old Winnie the Pooh outfit (he was 15 months). When she saw the Winnie the Pooh costume she decided to go back to being Tinker Bell – go figure.


DSC_1068 This was the first year that Lily really got into trick or treating. It took a couple of houses for her to get the hang of it then she was ready to go! Jacob wasn’t even sure if he was going to trick-or-treat but decided at the last minute to wear a hockey mask and all black and fill his backpack with goodies. I was happy he was content going with the younger kids as I’m sure he won’t be in years to come.


I thought Townes would stay in the stroller the majority of the time but  once he saw this SpongeBob he wanted out to investigate.

Halloween Spongbob


It was his first house to trick-or-treat at and by the end of the night he was leading the pack. He was a little boy on a mission. He would knock, mumble, hold out his pumpkin, sign the words “thank you” (because his vocabulary was still limited) and then move on to the next house. At times, he didn’t even care about getting the candy. He was more interested in the routine and interaction.

Townes as Pooh

{Love the little pooh belly.} A few photos at the end of our evening.


Trying to get their attention with all the distractions of decorations and candy (and maybe a little exhaustion) was a bit difficult.


(looks like someone got into the candy)


Can you guess what Lily wants?


I threatened no candy until I can get a ‘good’ picture and I finally get them to look (too bad I didn’t stay still and blurred the photo).

November Review

For starters, I was completing an 11 week Real Estate course that I never expected to be as challenging as it was. Going to class from 6-10 pm twice a week while working a full time job and managing 3 kids at the same time Walt is training for his marathon was difficult enough but then Walt got pneumonia and we quickly learned how much we depend on each other to make things work. We thought he had the flu but after a few days and no sign of improvement, we grew a concerned. Turns out he had pneumonia. He was out of commission for over a week and over a month later he is still not 100%. He couldn’t get out of bed for six days and the kids were susceptible so they couldn’t be around him. Coincidentally, this all happened the week of my final. Oh and we were transitioning the kids to an in-home daycare provider so Townes was acting out and getting up in the middle of night. Thank goodness for our family and friends! Here are a few pictures of the bright spots.

We had a few lazy weekend mornings in our pjs…


kids on a weekend

.. and enjoyed the crisp fall weather.



 Lily learned how to use the brakes on her bike.



DSC_1124 Townes is still my cuddle bug. I’m just soaking up the baby phase before it disappears.

He learned how to climb and jump.





Jacob would occasionally join us outside. He was also helpful when needed!


Unfortunately Walt was not able to run the marathon he had trained so hard for but he is recovering and looking forward to returning to Boston in the spring for his next run.

Thanksgiving 2013

We traveled to Dallas to see my family for Thanksgiving. With everything going out we tried to keep our trip pretty simple.


Although most of the fam went to the Cowboys game.


(my SIL Mindy, nephew Mason and brothers Phil and Al)

 Non Cowboy goers below.



Sis Mel, brother Mike and the grandkids (minue Townes who was napping)

Now we are getting ready for Christmas with decorating, Christmas cards and our first year with the Elf of the Shelf. How is your month going so far? Are you ready for the holidays? 

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