Reflecting on 2013

Over the last few months I haven’t had a chance to craft, create or blog nearly as much as I’ve wanted. In fact, my blog post went from 119 the year before to only 48 throughout the entire year of 2013. Thanks for sticking with me through the quiet breaks I took as I focused on sleep training a baby, adjusting to having two toddlers in the house, sibling rivalry and night class. As I looked back over the year on the blog I was uplifted to see the things I was able to accomplish (versus what I wasn’t able to complete).

Reflecting on 2013

We organized our entryway which was featured on Savvy Southern Style and The CSI project.

We transitioned Lily’s room from a nursery to a toddler room which was featured on Apartment Therapy.

 {so much has changed – we are now in the process of converting her room to a playroom}

I applied 11 coats of paint on a kitchen wall to create a much loved and used Magnetic Chalkboard Wall.

We returned safely after the Boston Marathon (and we are scheduled to return again this year).

We put together a playhouse swingset for the kids

I discovered (and then abandoned) the Paleo diet. Yet, fell in love with these cookies.

{Fyi, I’m back on Paleo but my husband joined me this time around. :)}

I shared my thoughts on being a mom.

We celebrated Townes turning one with a Curious George Ice Cream Party.

And showered Lily with Strawberry Shortcake theme birthday party.

We had a wonderful vacation in Siesta Key


We escaped to the mountains for an anniversary getaway without the kids.


And hosted a Fall engagement party for a dear friend of Walt’s.


And shared our Christmas décor.


And I shared a few of my favorite post-baby outfits along the way.


{I was obviously into layers and stripes in 2013.}

A few family milestones to remember:

  • Walt has a personal record of 2:46 at the Boston half marathon.
  • Townes learned to crawl, walk, dance, run and jump in that order. He has about 30 words (most of which only we understand) and his vocabulary continues to grow! He still has the best smile ever that just lights up a room.
  • Lily is still a diva! She is all about clothes and creating the perfect outfit everyday. She wants to pick it all out on her own and then surprise up once she has pulled it all together. Her imagination has exploded. She loves to pretend to be a mommy and she has anywhere between 3-10 babies and it’s fun to watch her juggling all her “responsibilities”. She has also learned to write her name.
  • Jacob made the football team which made him a “big man on campus”. He is becoming interested in girls and manages to find himself in quite a bit of trouble at school as he likes to socialize more than he likes to study.
  • I completed my real estate course and am now studying for the national and state exam to get my provisional license. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with it but I’m excited about the potential opportunities.

Cheers to 2013! Thanks for your readership along this journey. I look forward to sharing more decorating ideas in 2014! My current projects {more like challenges} are creating a stylish yet functional shared boy/girl bedroom, a gender neutral playroom, an office/den and savvy storage filled living room. Hope to see and hear from you soon!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    You have both done such a great job during 2013 raising your family and having fun!!! Everything looks so bright and happy. Continue the same in 2014. CARPE DIEM!!! Hugs…Sue

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