Catching up from Christmas 2013

I can’t believe that it’s already February and I never wrote about our Christmas. This blog is also a journal for my little ones so I had to make sure and squeeze it in before Valentine’s day.

We had a wonderful holiday season! The young children are really starting to get in to Christmas. Lily loved decorating the tree. She quickly claimed all the sparkly ornaments which her brothers thankfully obliged. I’m not sure how she would do with a little sister. The kids loved the elf on the shelf! In fact, Lily cried when she found out he was going to leave us after Christmas. I suggested we take a picture with the elf so she could remember him until he returned and she broke the elf rule. (For those of you who don’t know, you aren’t supposed to touch the elf because he loses his magic power.) 2013-12-26 Mommy: “Ready 1, 2, Lily, what are you doing?”

Lily: “Nothing! I’m just touching the spatula.”

Mommy: “You know you aren’t supposed to touch the elf.”

Lily: “I’m just going to kiss the spatula.”

Townes: gives Lily the “don’t do it look” as he knows she is up to no good.

After she touched the elf, she figured what the heck and she grabbed him and kissed him. (My little Lily is something.)

Christmas day Lily woke up at 3 because she needed to go to the bathroom and she wanted me to tuck her back in. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice what Santa brought her so I escorted her back to bed discreetly blocking the view.  Well before we knew it the whole family was up. As tempting as it was, there was no way I was letting these little ones start their day at 3am. So as we settled them down, I heard Lily tell Jacob Santa brought her a slide (uh-oh I thought to myself – I’m pretty sure that wasn’t for her :)).

Last year
, I captured a great shot of Lily rounding the corner and seeing her gifts,



this year was a different story.


I couldn’t get in there fast enough. Townes was very excited to see the slide and darted off to climb it.


At first, we were concerned about the space but finally decided it was worth the compromise to help him get some energy out during the cold months. All the kids play on the slide on a regular basis so it stays in the living room about 80% of the time. I hear the slide works great with a kiddie pool at the bottom so we will be moving it outdoors in the spring.


Lily couldn’t wait to see what everyone got so she helped us pass out of the presents.


We usually take turns opening gifts but Lily was the most excited so she went first. Lily was a little disappointed to see the ginormous Barbie house because it wasn’t the one she saw in the store. When I asked her why she wasn’t playing it, she responded, “It’s not for me. That is not the one I asked for.” She was certain Santa got it wrong but she slowly came around as we showed her all it could do. It just goes to show that bigger isn’t always better. She also asked Santa for Hello Kitty slippers. Other gifts included Strawberry Shortcake and Doc McStuffins dolls, clothes, a Tangled movie. After she ripped through all her gifts she decided to change into her new clothes and play with her doll house.


She loved helping Townes open his gifts (especially since he was distracted eating M&Ms from his stocking).


Townes couldn’t wait for us to open and set up his basketball hoop.


This was probably his favorite item.


It resides in our dining room. What could possibly go wrong with a ball bouncing around dishes?  Thankfully the ball is pretty soft. The boys in the house play with the basketball hoop daily but I’m looking forward to moving it outdoors when it warms up. In addition, T received his first piggy bank (a dinosaur), a riding toy and several more books (just like his sister he LOVES books).


Jacob was spoiled, by our standards, and received a Microsoft Surface tablet and a few other smaller, inexpensive items like a remote-control helicopter, Florida Gator (his favorite team) pajama pants (which you notice he put on immediately and has worn everyday since) and a Sports Illustrated book.



Walt got a Luke Keuchly jersey, who happened to be the Defensive Player of the Year (yeah!) and an espresso machine just like the one we were introduced to on our vacation, running stuff and a few other items on his list.

Update: I received a Michael Kors watch that I had been wanting!!!! Athleta workout clothes to motivate me (which I asked for) and the photo editing software that I’m completely intimidated by but very excited about – PhotoShop.

Then we all got to chill and enjoy each others company for a few days.

DSC_0341 LOVE!!! Until next year!



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  1. patsy herman says:

    Angela, your Christmas story is FANTASTIC. Townes looks just like Walt and Lily is looking more like you every day!! Jacob is mesmerized with his new surface tablet. wow. i am jealous of Jacob. Thank you for sharing your life in your blog. It warms my heart to see the photos of your magical 2013 Christmas! (hugs) patsy

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