This Past Month…

After a month of being MIA, I thought I’d drop in and share a little about what is going on. For starters, we are still going strong on Paleo!

Paleo Foods Sneak Peak

I’m obviously obsessed with baked goods. I have a couple of recipes to share but I promised not to be a food only blog so I’m holding off on posting them all until I have a few more DIY posts to share. Is that stupid – probably?

So, many of you know that I was taking a real estate class in the Fall. Well, I passed a state and national exam in January to become a licensed real estate agent (or broker). After receiving recruiting materials, I reached out to a few companies for further discussions. I guess you could call them interviews. Some I knew right off the bat wouldn’t work so I withdrew from the application process but a couple really clicked.

At the end of February, I felt I was far enough in the process and in my decision that I decided to resign from my change management consulting position.  That’s right, after 16 years in the practice I was leaving my familiar salaried position for a commission based foreign-to-me sales job. I think it’s fair to say it’s a little daunting. I had many people question my decision but I was ready for a change and I LOVE real estate. It was a daily practice for me to review homes on the market first thing in the morning, question realtors’ pricing strategies and make my own predictions if something is going to sell or eventually be reduced. So why not try doing something I love for a while. If it doesn’t work out then I can always go back to consulting. After all, I had built several respected business connections and I was leaving my position on a positive note.

After negotiating a 5 week notice (3 weeks full time 2 weeks part-time), I proceeded with my interviews to make a decision. I treasure all the people that I work with so it’s been difficult to leave but the slow transition has given me plenty of time to adjust.

During this transition time I have been meeting up with old friends to catch up and in those discussion stumbled across my first client and the rest has been a whirlwind adventure. Long story short, I have two more weeks left in my current position but I’m already learning the ropes quickly. I listed my first house TODAY and already had a showing-YAY! It has been a blast and I’m loving every step of it!

I plan to be back blogging, sharing DIY projects, crafts, recipes and even outfits (yesterday was my Bday and I spent my bday money on clothes – of course) in the coming weeks when I go down to only one job.

In the meantime, my client agreed to let me share her adorable home command center. She uses this kitchen wall to stay organized. I love it!

Family command center 2

I like the rustic feel of the aluminum cans and the burlap. And I still {heart} chalkboard paint. Thanks Stacey for letting me share your organization idea!

Thanks to those who reached out to see how things were going and to my amazing husband who has been incredibly supportive through all this change! Keep in touch!

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Congrats to you!!! Thanks for Sharing….. Sounds like everything is falling into place for you. I enjoy sharing your enthusiasm and energy as you undertake a new career. You have come such a long, long way from way back then….right?? I know we share some special memories and I am one of your biggest FANS. AND yes, Kudos to your loving, supportive, sweet husband. Way to go Walt!!! Hugs to ALL…..Sue

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