Memorial Day 2014

A friend, a retired solider, shared this on Facebook today that really hit home and reminded me about what today was all about…

So instead of getting all stressed out about how messy my house was and spending the day getting caught up on projects, we embraced and enjoyed our time together. I am so thankful for my family (parents, brothers, sisters, husband, children etc.) and I’m so grateful for another day to hug and squeeze and kiss them! A special thanks to our military personnel and their loved ones for the sacrifice they make to ensure our safety and freedom.

Here a few special moments I captured. Nothing too exciting but they each hold a special place in my heart from the weekend.


The kids and I visited with our 85 year old neighbor for a few hours. It was such a fun and peaceful time. She reminded me how these special moments when the kids are little are fleeting and to enjoy them!

photo 2

Lily is going through another clingy phase and at times it drives me crazy but this weekend I just snuggled with her.


Townes is my daredevil. I’m always so impressed (and scared) by his adventurous spirit. He wants so badly to be a like his older siblings that we often forget how young he is. This first time on the slip and slide reminded me of how he is just a typical toddler and experiencing so many things for the first time.

And then there is the preteen who is starting to want his own space. He happened to be grounded this weekend so he had nothing to do but join our family. It almost looks like he had fun! Regardless, we enjoyed cutting up and having several laugh out loud moments.


(Walt was at a bachelor party through Sunday and unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of him but I’ll work on that especially with Father’s Day coming up!)

Remember our fallen country men and women and their families. May they not be forgotten as this day comes to an end.

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  1. Sue Deege says:

    Sorry I am late responding. Loved your Memorial Day blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts and family with me. It is sad to think about all the young men and women who have lost their lives because of wars. Such a waste. My Dad is still alive 93 and a WWII Vet. He was a Chief Gunners Mate and saw a lot of action. I wrote a story about his WWII experiences last year along with photos. I put these memories in a scrap book and gave to my son Barry so he would know and remember what part his Grandfather had in WWII. So many year ago!! Your children are gorgeous and growing so fast….hugs to all…Sue

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