What I Wore When My Daughter Had a Say In It

We’ve been on a pretty tight budget since I left my well paid position for a commission based real estate career. However, with school just around the corner I needed a few items for the kids. Yes, Jacob is the only one actually starting school but the other two are going back to daycare so I’ll actually have to get them out of their pajamas on a regular basis. Anyway, I thought I’d stop by Payless because they had pink and purple cleats that Lily wanted for her first soccer season and Townes needed tennis shoes. My mistake was taking the kids with me. Lily spotted these hot pink pumps that she insisted I buy. At $10 (plus a 20% off coupon), I caved. I thought for sure I’d take them back when she forgot about it, but after trying them on they were actually pretty comfortable. She helped me pick out an outfit and my husband encouraged me to wear them out. I kept it fairly neutral with a black and white dress from J.Crew Factory but, leaving the house I still thought they were a bit bold and “in your face”. Despite my concerns, I received several compliments. Now I just need a belt or colorful necklace to pair them with.

DSC_0645 DSC_0638
Another new addition to my attire is not this lace overlay dress from Target but…

the necklace that accessorizes it. I’ve been alternating a turquoise or royal blue necklace until I saw this necklace at an online store I recently discovered from another blogger’s What I Wore Wednesday posts.  This awesome gemstone necklace was a simple $7.26 at Sheinside. My only regret is not buying more because it took a couple of weeks to ship it. I purchased only one to check out the quality. It’s not incredibly durable but what do you expect for the price?

DSC_0653 DSC_0649

This is my view while I’m snapping a few photos.  Townes was napping on my bed. They are home with me for the month of August as they wait for spot to become available at daycare. I can’t complain!

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  1. Steve Ruger says:

    Re: “What I Wore When My Daughter Had a Say In It”

    Yup. That looks like something that Princess Lilly would pick out. I didn’t see the tiara, but I’m sure she would accessorize with one if she were wearing it.

    Hope everything else is going swell. We’re gearing up for our son’s wedding in New Orleans (8 weeks!).

    • guyerfamily says:

      Hi Steve!!!!!! It’s so good to hear from you! Sorry it took a while to get back to you! It looks like the wedding is right around the corner if not already happened. I would love to hear about it or see pictures. Send me a link if you post them online! Best wishes and congratulations! Miss you guys!

  2. Sue Deege says:

    Love all the bright colors and looks great on you. So happy you are able to have Townes and Lily with you right now. Enjoy!!! Hugs to ALL…Sue

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