Fall 2014 – October

WOW, October came and went in a blink of an eye. Seven months into my new career, as a real estate agent, and I’m still working on my time management. Seems like the day ends with a longer to-do list than when it started.  The good news is I’ve been busy with several clients and have several closings under my belt! {If you are in the Charlotte area and looking to buy or sell a house, email me!}

I hope I can get back to blogging on a regular basis one day soon but for now my goal is to document a few moments along this journey. This post captures a few highlights from October 2014.

October was a fun Fall month.


It started with me attending an Open House for Kindergarten which was eye opening. Next year I’m going to have one starting High School and one starting Kindergarten?!? I’m not prepared for either! Walking into the oversized elementary library terrified me. I’ve done this before but I’m still worried my little Lily will be overwhelmed! And Jacob in high school!!! I couldn’t even handle the hormonal adolescent peer pressure and silliness of middle school. Where does time go? I’m not prepared for this!


This was Lily’s first soccer season. Walt is coaching and two of the five girls refused to play the first game – Lily being one of them. She sat on the sideline and cried. We were heading to a birthday party after the game so I threatened that she couldn’t go to the party if she didn’t support her team and try to score a goal. So what does she do? At the beginning of the second half, she gets in the game pouting but focused. She dribbles the ball to the goal, shoots and scores the team’s first goal and then returns to the sideline crying asking if she can go to the party now.


Since that first game, she has really enjoyed playing. In fact, our shy little girl has become a pretty aggressive player. She has to make sure she is in on the action. She has made a few new friends and looks forward to each Saturday. Her youngest brother is pretty excited about it as well. I have had to wrestle him at times to keep him from running onto the field to play.


Jacob played his final season of middle school football. He was on the kick return team. This kid, who doesn’t talk much about school or friends, had a largest fan base of all the team. As far as his stats, he had a few good returns but what stands out in my mind is that he was pummeled once which results in a mild concussion and a day off school. I’m glad that is over!

We also had our family photos in October. It turned out to be a surprisingly chilly morning. It was tough rallying the gang to participate but about 30 minutes into our hour session, Townes turned his frown upside down (couldn’t resist – sorry).

Here are a couple of sneak peaks. I plan to post many more soon.

guyerkids2014 aandw2014

Family photos used to be a dreadful experience but I’ve lowered my expectations each time and now they are manageable.

Lastly, we finished the month with Halloween. As always the kids had a blast. This year Walt and I had a Halloween Party to go to so we dressed up as Superman and Wonder Woman.


Lily was like most young girls and dressed as Frozen’s Elsa. Her costume lights up and sings Let it Go! I was just as excited as she was the first 20 times it played then we both decided to remove the battery pack.

Townes was Flash Gordon and he took his role very seriously. He would run super fast every time he had his costume on.

November has (or had) in store a few new clients, a few more closings, Walt’s marathon and a trip to Texas.

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