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Hi there!! Oh how I’ve missed this creative outlet! The new year has been busy work wise and I’ve renewed my focus on eating healthy home cooked meals (believe it or not I’m cooking?!) and working out regularly. Oh and my husband and I recently subscribed to Netflix and have been having marathon sessions of Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. It hasn’t left me much time to create anything lately. That is until now!!! With March Madness around the corner, Walt has shifted his focus from Netflix to basketball which gives me some free time to create, bake and blog!

February was my busiest month yet, but with the recent cold and dreary weather, I’ve had a little bit of a breather at work. I’m anticipating a busy Spring but for now I’m embracing the break. I decided to tackle a much overdo project – my office! DSC_0624

A couple of years ago (3 to be more precious), I had my office painted and created an office design board of what I wanted to do but then I never made much progress.

Well, now I work from home 90% of the time and I found the disorganized, cluttered workspace to be overwhelming and exhausting. Doing my taxes took 5 times longer than it should have because I couldn’t find what I needed. So, I finally set a deadline and decided to tackle the mess. Surprisingly, many of the design ideas remained the same although it feels a little more modern than the moodboard above. The main difference is a selection of accent colors.

I wanted to wrap up what was taking me three long years in just three short weeks. Oh and did I mention I was doing this home office makeover on a $100 budget?! Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have a craft armoire busting at the seams (literally) so I had plenty on hand to work with!

This is what the office looked like a couple of weeks ago! Don’t judge me! If anything, I’m hoping this helps build the case why this was so necessary. 2015-03-04

This is my desk a week and a half later…


I painted the filing cabinets with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in French Linen that I already had. I replaced the corner desktop with a wood plank I found at Lowes. The 3/4x24x72 inch dimensions worked as is and it was only $35! I’m still on the fence about the color. Originally, I wanted to stain it Walnut (similar to the floors) but the room is a captive or pass through room that doesn’t have any windows so it’s already pretty dark. I went with a lighter stain in hopes it would brighten the space. We will see if it sticks. I really liked the desktop below so maybe I will try to age or distress the wood so it looks more like this.

Desk Inspiration

 Source: Pinterest

If I had known I was going with a lighter desktop then I would have probably gone with a darker base like the black used below.

Source: Design Sponge

The problem with changing it now is that I would blow my $100 budget. Since I’d already had the French Linen on hand, it wasn’t included in my expenses. The lighter desktop color feels a little more feminine to me which changed my direction with the accessories.


I absolutely LOVE the extra space. The corner desk was angled so there was dead space in the back corner and with a small room that provides multiple functions, I needed to maximize the square footage.

I’m still changing out a few accessories and trying to get a feel of what will work and not work but for now the desk it complete – check!

DSC_0626-001 DSC_0623
I’m excited about the way my home office makeover is coming together and the fun, quick and easy projects along the way! I’m going to do my best to share the full office and details over the next few weeks but for now, I’m just enjoying being able to see my desktop and not feel so overwhelmed by the clutter.

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