My 2015 Christmas Wish List for Her

I’ve been doing a ton of last minute Christmas shopping online and I noticed I was putting several items on my wishlist at Amazon, Jcrew, Anthro and so on. I decided to consolidate it all and put it out here. I always find a great new item or more on other gift guide suggestions so hopefully this may do the same!

My Christmas Wish List for Her
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  1. Toms Boots – I’m obsessed with booties and I love Toms so I want to try a pair of Toms bootie. The problem is I’m not sure which ones I like more. The Tom’s suede ankle boot or Toms full grain leather bootie
  2. Books – I love decorating books and I’ve been wanting to check out Lauren Liess’s recently released Habitat: The Field of Decorating. I love her blog and her style! I’m also interested in Young House Love’s second book Lovable, Livable Home another New York Times Best Seller!  Also on my list is Unbored. I was looking for books for my teenager that doesn’t really like to read but needs something to fill his time besides TV and video games and this was recommended as a book that has fun activities and games to make life a little more adventurous. It looks like it’s more for kids but if it keeps them entertained and eliminates the “Mom, I’m bored” phrase I consider it a win for me too!
  3. Anthropologie Mugs – I love coffee and tea and I love it even more drinking it from a pretty mug! This year my son knocked over and broke my favorite Tiffany’s mug so instead of buying the same one, I opted for something different. I have a sneaky suspicion that Santa will be bringing me one of these this year! You know, because we are tight like that. 😉
  4. Athleta Metro Leggings – With it being colder outside I wanted some new pants that weren’t cropped. I really like these for multiple reasons. One, I’m digging high waisted pants for workouts lately so I don’t have to worry about pulling them up during downward dog or other yoga poses. Two, if I’m going to spend more than $30 then, I love that they are versatile and I can wear for more than just working out. These have pockets and look like legit pants/leggings so they can be worn to run errands etc.
  5. World Market Salt and Pepper Shakers – I think these are a great stocking stuffer! They are cute and affordable (on deep discount now – only $4.99 for the set!!) and we need new shakers so these are a must have on my list!
  6. Tory Burch Fitbit Bracelet– Just because I love it. I have a fitbit on my list (although not here because I’m still trying to decide which one) but I don’t always love the look of an athletic band. I think this stylish super-chic bracelet will solve that problem! Just wish it came with a lower price tag.
  7. Blanket Scarf – I’m always cold and these blanket scarves really do the trick! Not only are they cute but they are huge and cozy. I can wrap myself and maybe even a kiddo that forgot his/her jacket in it on cool days.
  8. Essie Winter Nail Colors – Another great stocking stuffer. This year I’m hooked on Devil’s Advocate, Wicked and Smokin Hot.

I’m still on the hunt for cute and cozy slippers if you have any suggestions. What’s on your 2015 Christmas list?

If we don’t connect between now and then, Happy Holidays!!!

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