Our Trip to See Santa

We aren’t a family that visits Santa every year. After standing in line for a half hour to have Jacob cry like crazy, I haven’t put a lot of emphasis on it. If they asked or it was convenient we would do so, otherwise not.

Well this year (and last for that matter), Santa visited the daycare during the Christmas Party. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go last year because Townes was 2 and had never seen Santa before but he did well. I credit his sister for that. He followed her lead and she was excited so he was calm. They even managed to get just him at the end.

Santa visit in 2014

IMG_6051 IMG_6053 IMG_6065 IMG_6077
This year, the kids were both excited and we were first in line! Townes couldn’t stop talking about it but when it came time he flipped a switch and went crying and screaming in the opposite direction. I had to grab him and I tried to see if I could get him to see there was nothing to worry about but he wasn’t having one bit of it. Lily had a few minutes of Santa to herself and she used the opportunity to ask him if she was on the good list and she even asked Santa which list Jacob was on? I was surprised to her that she was thinking of (or concerned about) her big brother.

Our Santa Visit 2015 IMG_7738 IMG_7740-2 IMG_7741-2 And then for our great Santa photo for 2015.  IMG_7752 IMG_7749-2

Yes, it was about as much fun as it looked. I broke a sweat trying to keep Townes contained. Fortunately the trauma he experienced quickly faded once he got a candy cane. 😉

This year, Townes renamed our Elf, Elfie. He reappeared the weekend after Thanksgiving. He was a little more creative (aka mischievous) than before. I guess he is feeling more comfortable in his third year with us. Lily was the one most interested in finding him and she loved when it was a challenge to locate him. Here are a few Elf ideas.

2015-12-23 2015-12-232

Townes’ favorite day was when Elfie took a marshmallow bath and for Lily it was when he found a girlfriend.

Last but not least, Lily putting the star on the tree. DSC_0829

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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