What I Wore – New Years Eve Sequin Dress

Happy New Year! I’m still taking down Christmas decorations so I haven’t really made any new years resolutions yet but when I do, blogging with intention will be on the list! I thought I’d stop in to share my awesome New Year’s Eve find.

This New Year’s Eve, Walt and I joined our neighbors for a masquerade party. Our Christmas break was a little out of whack so New Year’s snuck up on me and I found myself on New Year’s Eve without a dress! I had a few black dress options that I’d previously worn to weddings but they were 8-10 years old and I was hoping for something different. So I ventured to my least favorite place during the holidays – the Mall.

I only had a few hours before we had to meet a friend for dinner so I was determined to find something at H&M. I was hoping for something with sequins, whether it was a top, skirt or dress. I tried on over 20 items. (I know because the limit was 7 and I had to swap out twice:))

The dress I loved was the only dress of it’s kind on a pant rack. It was a size too small but I loved the color and I was feeling desperate.

I texted this dressing room photo to a friend for reassurance and then off to the checkout where I had two people stop me and ask me where I found the dress. I’m so happy I picked it up when I did!

H&M Dressing Room
New Years Eve
What I Wore New Year’s Eve: Blue green sequin dress H&M. And get this… it was on sale for $30!!!!! Even if I never wear it again, it was cheaper than renting one which a few of my friends did.

Shoes and Accessories: I considered DIYing some glitter pumps but then realized that would be too much sparkle and I didn’t have enough time so I went with black paten leather peep toe stilettos that I had on hand.  No necklace or earrings just a simple knock off David Yurman cable bracelet.

A photo with our masks. Walt actually surprised me with these masks he ordered off Amazon.

NYE with Walt
and the fabulous ladies from our neighborhood

Dilworth Ladies
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