A Dress for Lily

The excitement of my new sewing machine got the best of me and I tried a few more challenging projects this weekend.

My dear 80 year old neighbor gave me a ton of fabric, thread and bias tape (which I knew nothing about) to experiment with. The first dress was a free pattern I found online, but it was for a 11 pound baby ~ Lily is 21 pounds. I attempted to modify it to fit Lily but I quickly realized I know nothing about sewing. While the first dress turned out better than I expected, I pulled the darn bias tape out at least 3 times and the dress doesn’t really fit Lily. See for yourself.

The second dress was a little easier (with the exception of sewing the armholes). However, it was a pretty plain dress so I tried a few embellishments.

Dress 2 in the making - trying to decide what to add

Almost final dress

I plan to change out the straps with a thicker 1/2 inch satin ribbon.

And finally a few pictures of Lily playing in her dress.

What do you think? I’m still learning but it’s wearable – right?

Hmmm, the wheels are already turning…what can I do for Jacob??

If you are looking for a pattern, click here to link to the tutorial I used.

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