Online Safety Begins With Passwords

guyerfamilyblog.comOnline Safety Begins With Passwords. There are a lot of reasons to go online. For most people, it is work, others Social Media, for others online gaming, and a growing number goes online for online gambling or betting. Whatever those reasons might be, whenever you go online you become targets of opportunity for hackers and scammers who are always on the lookout for weak spots and people to victimize. Everyone is fair game, nowadays, you no longer even need to be a famous or powerful personality to be a target. Bear in mind that even just your email address and phone number is worth something to someone online. Knowing these can save your account from being hacked. Reputable websites will also have their own measures against hackers, sites like situs poker will have their own measures to prevent unwanted access to your account. Regardless, it will depend on you if you want to secure your accounts.


The Password

 Your password is your first line of defense and most of the time, the only defense you have against hackers. Making this as secure as possible will deter most hackers from gaining entry to your account. Before we talk about HOW to make your passwords, let us talk about authentication.

Two-factor Authentication

 This adds an additional and strong layer to your security online. What this does is allow a second device to act as a gatekeeper to your account every time you log in. The way it works is that before you will need a code sent to your phone either via SMS or email and you will need to input this code together with your password to authenticate your credentials. A hacker would be hard pressed to be able to have both your phone and password at the same time.

How to Make a Strong Password

 For good defense against brute force hacker attacks ( brute force hacking is the equivalent of kicking down your door, wherein hackers rely on the sheer computing power of their machines to burn through your passwords) A lengthy password, rather than a complex one is much harder to tackle by brute force. It is strongly suggested to start your passwords with a minimum of 12-15 characters. For good measure make it lengthy AND complex at the same time.

Password Generator and Manager

 You do realize it would take a superhuman brain to remember all these passwords right? It is, however, safe to use a reputable password manager and generator to manage all of your passwords. It is just a simple matter of looking at reviews and making sure you choose the longest running and those that have the most pleased customers.

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